“To any musician, young or old, a beautiful studio full of instruments is like a playground. To me, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Most musicians are always chasing the next challenge, you never feel satisfied, you never feel that you’ve completely mastered the instrument that you’re playing. Its always going to be a puzzle. It’s always going to be a challenge. It’s a beautiful mystery, but once it gets it’s hooks in you, that’s when the obsession and the drive really kick in.”

                                                                        -Dave Grohl

Playfulness is the mindset of any musician. Playfulness is why we chose our path. Seeing what we can do, pushing out limits. These are the traits of a great time session. The reason many teachers loose their students is the scales. They are not fun. The scales are necessary for mastery, but they are not the reason a pupil took on the challenge of the piano or guitar. They wanted those things to play songs, to play in general. It takes a lot of patience and energy to be able to master a guitar, but most of all it takes time. And its not natural to spend time fighting an instrument.

When children play, the well-adjusted ones, the most liked, and the most successful play with others. The play comes as a form of social bonding and as a way to build a bridge from the mind of one to another. The play is the key to becoming adults, the play is key to becoming themselves. I rarely think of the times I played alone in my house while my brothers were gone. I rarely think of the time in my teen that I spent alone in my room. I always remember the playing. With my guitar, the sense that the instrument and I are playing together is critical for music. In music, playing together or with the instrument itself is crucial.

You don’t work the piano, you play the piano” -Alan Watts

Go to your instrument and play, don’t work a part out, don’t make a song, play together. Play your heart out without caring at all what it sounds like. At the end, you may be sweating, you may be tired, but you are exhilarated. Music is a product of play, not a product of work. There is no point, besides to play.


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