A Warning

        “You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world and after you walk through those doors today, you will only ever have two choices: love or fear. Choose love, and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.”

-Jim Carrey

            The path if fraught with demons on either side. The trail will wander through scary forests. You will end up asking yourself if you should turn around. No. You should not. The only way to let the demons attack is by turning around.

            If you are in a scary part of the path of the musician. Play. You can calm the demons of doubt, worry, and fear with a peaceful song, but if you pack up your bags and leave the path, you will fall victim to them.

            The path of love and the path of musicianship are different. This mountain is covered in those who want you to stop. They didn’t make it up the mountain and the ghost of their spirit haunt the spot in which they stopped. That only means that the higher you go the fewer ghosts there are. The only way to join them is to take your foot off of the path.

            The only way out is up, the only safe choice is continuing. You do not want to leave the path. The only failure in choosing music as your life comes when you decided to stop dreaming. Do you want to become like your boss? Do you think that you’ll be happy without having to deal with all of the pain of starting? You ARE a musician. You are not becoming one. You have come so far, and you will not stop now.

            I believe in you. Others may not,your family, your friends, your work may not. But you do and that is all that matters. Don’t burn the world down, just don’t participate in the enslavement of your truth, love, and creativity.

            You’re future self will never regret continuing. You may think of a future where you think you are wasting your time, you may think of a future where you needed more money. You may think of a future where you should’ve had a relationship, but you are not thinking far enough. I’ve never heard of someone on their death bed wishing they gave up of there dreams sooner. I’ve never heard of a person wishing that they didn’t try.

            You are going to die one day. How about you live until then? Keep walking and do not give up.


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