Finding the Tao in Music

            “Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

                                                                                    -Lao Tzu

            The Tao is many things, and I want to make it clear that when I discuss it, it comes from a place of little understanding. I could explain to a novice, but I have much to learn. The Tao is the force behind the world. It is the force that we are a part of that drives forward in time. For visualization purposes, here is an example.


            Find the tallest building you have access to, it doesn’t have to be a skyscraper and in fact my experience was only five or six stories up. Local colleges are the way to go. Find your way to a window overlooking a busy area.

            The conference room I was in was barren aside from a window, long ignored by the average student or meeting taking place here. The view was one only available in Albuquerque, the parking lot below, the college behind, the mountains in the distance, and of course the endless vast sky.

            Stare into the sea of busy people. Gaze upon them the way Gods view our world. Every person living a full life, every person busy with what makes them who they are.You’ll see those much older and much less fortunate, as well as those young rich kids you envy. All doing the same thing. They all are the same person in the end.

            The world takes on a new lightness. When you come downstairs from your skyward perch, you will see that you are just one in the endless variety of humans that exist. The world is now open for you.

            END OF EXERCISE

            The Tao is the harmonious way all of the world interacts with itself. The Tao is the world and everything inside it. The universe is the best translation, but only if you understand that the world works perfectly if you are outside of it.

            In playing the part of musician, in showing the world the song you have in your heart, try and find the Tao. The Tao will only lead you to where you need to be. The Tao is impossible to not follow once it is discovered. The Tao is the force that brings your music out of you the drive and determination inside of you. The song that comes from you is what is meant to. Let it out, hear it, and either let it go or hold onto it, but letting it out now is far more important than what you do after.


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