A Move Away from Minimalism

Last night, I bought a turntable so that I could play vinyl. This purchase had a lot of thought going into it. Obviously, it is difficult to store, travel with, and care for vinyl, but it has in just the few hours of listening changed my relationship with music.

When I was growing up, I would put a CD into my walkman while I was sleeping and listen to the entire albums once or twice. These expiriences made up a lot of the time I put into enjoying music. I would sit and enjoy each song as it sat in the collective of 10-16. And I havn’t had much time for fully enjoying music recently.

At work, I can listen to music but I can only have one headphone in. Only listening with one ear is a miserable expierience for me. I hate knowing that the song is missing a significant amount of the song. I remember figuring out that sometime an instrument is only in one ear when I was kid and I was blown away by the technical feat. I miss very much the times where I was alone and bored and could listen to two or three albums at a time.

Vinyl and this turntable reminded me what it is like to sit and listen to the whole album. Last night I sat in a room and listened to music. That was it. I listened to music I’d never heard before. I listened to music I knew I loved. They were both great. The feeling of holding the plastic-y grooved disc gave me a strong sense of connection to the artist, and if vinyl is what it takes for me to hear the music the way I used to, then so be it.

Music is the most important aspect of my life. I would give up almost anything aside from music. If vinyl can save my relationship with it, then it will just have to do so. I won’t let my relationship with music dwindle.


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